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The government are giving NHS staff a real terms pay cut, despite everything they’ve done over the past year.

Please follow and RT if you think they deserve more, and help us campaign for better working conditions for all NHS staff.

Just so you’re keeping up:

– PM: gave his lover Β£126,000 of public funds + Β£700k loan
– Chancellor: lobbied treasury for ex-PM
– Health Sec: 15% stake in a firm won NHS contract
– Home Sec: Nigerian gas lobbying
– Trade Sec: friend awarded PPE contract to offshore accountancy

“The fact that public money is used to generate private income for companies to make a vaccine that much of the world cannot afford, is something that most people would find outrageous.”

@theAliceRoberts sums up this week’s #IndependentSAGE meeting on the Global Vaccine

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