Pub landlord. Half-vaccinated. Not the covid police.

I became an ICU nurse at the end of July in 2020, during one of the first peaks of covid when it was all still so new. I learned how to be a nurse behind a respirator and a yellow gown, amidst the constant beeping and hissing of ventilators that couldn’t support failing lungs.

Wow guys, you’ve got us trending at number 2! Please keep going and tweeting on the hashtag #thankyouNHS. It honestly means the world to NHS staff to have Twitter flooded with positive messages after the last couple of weeks, it really does πŸ™πŸ»

The CPS did not cut 21,000 police officers.

The CPS did not choose to have its budget cut by Β£500m.

The CPS did not choose to lose a quarter of its staff.

The CPS did not choose to starve the courts and cause a record backlog.

The politicians that Andrew supports did that.

Andrew Pierce@toryboypierce

Prosecutions for violent crimes fallen to lowest in 10 years but number of crimes up. another failure of @CPSUK

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